Lost Memories


Here are some photographs that seem to have outlived the memories of those who knew who they were. If anyone recognizes any of these people, drop me an e-mail.











This man was found in a collection of photographs containing Merritts, Finneys and Bowmans. He probably lived in Northwest Florida or South Alabama. He may be George Nichols. Or not.








This photo seems to be from the 1860 time period. This woman may be Luvenia Mashburn of Baldwin County, AL.









This little girl was found in a group of pictures associated with the Mullins and Morris families. She could also be a Bowman or a Shepard or anybody for that matter. Probably from the Pensacola or South Alabama area.











Probably taken in the 1870s, this picture was with a group of Bowman and Merritt photos. Could she be Harriet B. Jones who married John Finney and later Ira Shines Williams? Probably not.








Here are two waifs from the 1870s most likely. They lived in South Alabama or Northwest Florida most likely. Most likely well never know who they are.




This couple may be Bowmans. The man looks a lot like John Wesley Bowman who lived in Canoe, Alabama in the mid to late 1800s. If so, the woman would be Sarah Frances Presley, his second wife.






Two ladies, one of which may be a Merrick out of Lebanon, Indiana.



This photo was probably of a group associated with the George M. Merricks or James A. Darroughs of Lebanon, Indiana. Photo may be from the second decade of the 1900s.







This lady had her picture made wearing her gardening gloves. She is shown again in the picture just below.





On the right is the Garden Gloves Lady. She may be from either Indiana or Alabama based on the group of pictures this photograph was found in.







No hope of ever figuring out who this little guy is. Cute kid, though, so I stuck him on the page. Pretty sure hes from the area around Pensacola say a 100 mile radius.