Recent Aerial Photos


Dr. Paul B. Merritt


ATC would not let me get any higher as there was Navy traffic in the area.  I wanted to get one straight down but just could not get that lucky.  I have to roll the wings over to do that and at 1200 feet and 80 mph, I would cross over the cemetery  so quickly that I just could not get situated.  I tried holding the camera out the window and shooting down.  All I got was a good shot or two of my left wheel.

Paul Merritt


These photos are reduced to 25 percent of the original resolution to make them fit the web page. To see one of the originals, click on the photo below. Its over a megabyte in size, however, so if you are using a dialup connection, it will take a while to download but its worth the wait. Nice job, Paul!


Looking north.


A westward view toward the Perdido River.


Northeast from a slightly higher altitude.

Notice the entry road at the bottom of the picture.