buried in the

Old Muscogee Cemetery

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Martin Owens Merrick

Alias: Oran (Orrin) Martin Merritt

29 Nov 1859 - 1 Aug 1944


Description: OranTinSmall

Martin Owens Merrick circa 1875 KY


Description: OranmerrSM

Oran Martin Merrick circa 1895



Catherine (Katie) Florence Finney Merritt

26 Nov 1863 - 21 Sep 1922


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Digitally Colorized Photo


Kate Finney Merritt



In 1922 she took a trip with Orrin and her grandson, Herman, up to Alabama to visit her daughter Minnie.  Sixty years later Herman would write a short story called Two Way Trip about this journey.  Before the year was out Kate began experiencing stomach problems.  In August she was diagnosed with stomach cancer by Dr. V.R. Nobles in Pensacola.  Her daughter, Jennie, cared for her through her illness.  She stayed in Pensacola with her sister Hattie Brown at 405 North 6th Ave during the final days, however.  There was no attempt to operate.  Kate just grew weaker until she finally died at 11 AM on the 21st of September.  All of the children and grandchildren gathered and kept a watch throughout the night.


Description: Kate in White

Kate in her Summer White

Circa 1920 Muscogee, FL



Myrtle Katie Merritt

12 Sep 1883 – 6 Apr 1900


Sources from Minnie Merritt Bowman's family indicate Minnie said Myrtle Katie died of pneumonia.  Minnie and Myrtle had previously discussed death and Myrtle had asked Minnie to hold a mirror over her nose if she died to make sure she was really dead before they buried her.  Other family lore has Myrtle Katie drowning in a creek at Muscogee.  One letter written by Myrt survives today.


This is the only known picture of Myrtle Katie and it was taken at least 14 years before her death:


Description: MyrtMerrittSm

Myrt’s Epitaph

Mamma and Papa’s

Dear Girl.

Jesus saved her.