buried in the

Old Muscogee Cemetery


Elizabeth Dodgens Mullins

21 Apr 1822 5 Jul 1900


Elizabeth was born in DeKalb County, Georgia in the same year the Rosetta Stone was deciphered. She had her first child in Georgia in 1845 and her four subsequent children in Georgia as well. Her last child, Mahala Ann was to be her salvation. Her husband Miles Mullins died in Canoe, AL 27 Oct 1880. Elizabeth finally ended up living with her daughter, Mahala Ann Brown, during the latter years of her life. She is buried in the Muscogee Cemetery near her daughter. Her tombstone was one of the few left unvandalized in the area in 1995 and was a fine example of turn of the century stone cutting. It stated proudly that she was born in DeKalb County, Georgia. Today it looks like this:



In 1900 the census listed her as having had 6 children of which only 3 were still alive.

Mahala Ann Mullins Brown

See Mahala A. Brown, Mrs.



James H. Mullins

21 Jun 1848 17 Dec 1872


James was a brother of Mahala Ann Mullins Brown above.

Eulalia Jane Milner Mullins

14 Oct 1851 17 Feb 1933


Eulalia, wife of James H. Mullins and daughter of P.S. and P.N Milner.

The 1900 census of Pensacola, FL page 195 lists Eulalia as having had 10 children of which 7 were still living. She lived on 901 East La Rua at the time with John, Ollie, Lena and Mary Mullins.


The 1910 census of Muscogee, FL lists Eulalia as having had 10 children of which 6 were still living. She was a widow living with her daughter Alline Jennings. By 1920 she is living with her widowed sister, Pamela R. Greene in Pensacola. See page 102 of that census. She lists herself as born in Ga and her parents as born in Ga. Her sister who was born 8 years earlier was born in Al.


From Fisher Pou Funeral Home books: Mullins, Eulalie Jane (Mrs.) Deceased Vol-Sht: 03-01439

D-Date: 02/17/1933 D-Place: Gonzalez, Florida

I-Date: 02/18/1933 I-Place: Muscogee, Florida