Edgar Mullins Tompkins

11 Jun 1909 - 7 Dec 1914


Edgar is the son of Simon Tompkins and Martha Cornelia “Mattie” Dawson.  His death at age 5 cheated his brother Bruce Tompkins who was three at the time out of ever knowing his brother.  Bruce in later years gained some knowledge of Edgar through Herman Merritt (see Herman’s stories about Muscogee in the stories section of this web site) who barely remembered Edgar as a playmate.


Edgar’s middle name of Mullins was from the Mullins family who raised his mother Mattie Dawson after she was orphaned.  John Mullin’s wife Cornelia Bowman Mullins was a sister of Mattie’s mother, Julia Ann Bowman Dawson.  The history of Muscogee is replete with family ties such as this.