Jackie Cochran’s Family



World famous aviatrix, Jacqueline Cochran was born Bessie Pitman in Muscogee 11 May 1906 according to her sister Mamie Pittman Hydle.


Jackie Cochran

11 May 1906 – 7 Aug 1980

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At her death in l980 Jackie held more speed records than any other pilot in the world – male or female. Among her  honors were the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Harmon Trophy, the General Billy Mitchell Award, Gold Medal of the Federation Aeronautique, the French Legion of Honor, and medals or wings of Belgium, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Romania.  Not bad for a girl from Muscogee, Florida.


Jackie Cochran U.S Airmail Stamp

Issued March 9, 1996 by the U.S. Postal Service