The Hendersons of Muscogee, Florida


David Henderson was born Nov. 25, 1813 in South Carolina. David married Matilda and was in Santa Rosa County in the 1850 Census. David was a farmer. In 1860 David and his family had moved to Escambia County in Muscogee, Florida. David and his oldest son William Sr. received land grants just north of Muscogee. David and William Sr. received their first grants December 1, 1882. David had a total of three grants and William Sr. had four grants. David's youngest daughter, Matilda who never married had one grant and William's two oldest sons William Jr. and James had one each.


William Sr. was bornNovember 15, 1842 and died December 22, 1913 and married Sara Jane Waters. She was born September 2, 1838 in Santa Rosa County. She died April 7, 1902. They had nine children. William Jr., James Robert, and Peter D. did not work for the saw mill.


One of William Henderson's sons, Daniel Webster, was| a lumber marker and one of the first people to be hired at the saw mill. Another son Franklin worked at the saw mill.His job was to count the logs as they came in on the train. On October 15, 1912 as Franklin was counting the logs on a train another train backed over him and killed him.


Martin Teno, a son of William, was a car inspector for the railroad.


Sarah Bell, a daughter of William Sr. married Clarence Bradley. Clarence was a railroad engineer for the saw mill and he moved the railroad cars around the mill. Sarah Bell was a school teacher and later the postmistress at Muscogee.


Prince Albert, Williams youngest sons we working at the saw mill when it was shut down. He moved to Fruitdale Ala. and worked in a saw mill there.


The Hendersons were very active in the Muscogee Baptist Church. Robert Henderson was the church clerk and attended the Pensacola Bay Baptist Mediation meeting in 1904. Teno Martin Henderson was the church clerk and attended the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association meeting in 190$|1d Franklin M. Henderson was the church clerk and attended the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association in 1910.


Davisís son, Mathew, had a son, Isham A. Henderson who died May 30, 1911 and is buried at Muscogee Cemetery.


My dad, Frank William Henderson son of Daniel W. Henderson would tell stories abut living in Muscogee. He has told me about taking his dad his lunch in a syrup bucket.They lived next to his Aunt Bell Bradley and her family. Frank was about the same age as her boys. When he would tell me stories about them he always called them the Bradley boys, never by their first name. He and the Bradley boys would train goats to pull wagons.One of the Bradley boys had a bad leg and they would put him in the wagon and the goats would pull him where ever they went.


Submitted By Jerry W. Henderson Sr.