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The Oran Merritt House in Muscogee circa 1917


Back Row

Jennie Merritt Applegate, Lemuel Applegate, Oran Merritt, Paul Merritt holding Hattie, Hattie Price Merritt, Kate Merritt

Middle Row

Minnie Merritt Bowman, Edie Bowman, ???,???,???

Front Row

Clarence Bowman, Herman Merritt, Jack Merritt, Fuzzy Merritt, Bill Merritt


Muscogee 001sm

Three little Muscogee boys circa 1912.  The one on the right is probably Harry Miles “Fuzzy” Merritt.


Muscogee 002sm

John Modrell “Jack” Merritt about 1913.  This is the little brother Herman Merritt mentioned standing on the porch with in his story Tracks.  This is also the same porch.  His parents were Arthur Oran and Julia Ola Merritt.  It is the house where the Merritts and later the Hardys grew up.  Another house now sits on the same spot on the hill overlooking the Muscogee Road just where it dips down toward the Perdido River.


Muscogee 005sm

Herman Merritt circa 1911


Muscogee 003sm

Julia Ola Mullins Merritt with Herman and Jack circa 1911.  Ola was a graduate of Montevallo College of Fine Arts and painted numerous pictures of Muscogee.  Unfortunately, I know only that she painted pictures of the area but don’t know where the pictures got scattered off to so cannot post any copies of them here.  She apparently gave them to friends back in the 1920s and 30s.



Muscogee 004sm

Probably Harry Miles “Fuzzy” Merritt in the backyard of Arthur Merritt’s house.



Charles Brooks Merritt on steps Sm


Charles Brooks Merritt, last child of Oran and Kate Merritt, on the steps of his parents’ home about 1899.





Gitty up. Two grandsons of Oran and Kate Merritt.




Jennie Merritt driving through Muscogee circa 1920.  Lemuel Applegate riding shotgun.


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