The Second Restoration Event

8 Nov 2003


Next effort is 22 Nov 2003 at 9:00.


Bruce Rova arrives early and commences to mow down the high stuff.  He kept at this most of the morning.



Meanwhile Gayle and Helen discuss the history of a small tombstone at the east end.



Bruce keeps mowing, though.



And mowing.


All the while Helen and Bobbie determine the east edge of a vandalized slab while Connie plots it on the grid map.  We surveyed and mapped only a 50 by 100 foot section of the cemetery this morning and need more help so we can field a second survey team.  It takes about five minutes per grave and there are at least 200 graves on the site.  We are only about one eighth done on the draft survey.


Jerry Flannigan who has finished his work on the SW corner moves into Bruce’s territory with his weedeater.  Connie gives him some competition.


Meanwhile, Gayle Palensky carries debris from newly discovered graves to the drop site.



Bruce lets Connie run the mower for a while.  He has made great progress in clearing the SW end of the cemetery.  About 60 percent of the area is now cleared down to turf level.  More and more graves have come to light as clearing proceeds.