The Muscogee Wharf


Not much remains of the old Muscogee Wharf today.When I was a kid we could still get to the end from shore and it was a suburb fishing spot among the pilings.In the beginning of the 21st century only the very tip of the wharf remains to remind us of the heritage of the Southern States Lumber Company and itís affect on Escambia County and Pensacola families.


Description: Image3

Looking out on the wharf from near the shore.



Description: Image9

A view looking to the northeast.



Description: Image7

Engineering drawing of the wharf.


Description: Image8

A view of some other wharves along the Pensacola Bay shoreline.



Description: Muscogee Lumber

Or sometimes lumber was just floated out to waiting ships and loaded in from the bow through hatches that were then resealed for the upcoming journey to the lumberís destination.



Description: dockloading

Loading Southern States lumber from dockside.



Description: lighter

Loading from a lighter in Pensacola Bay.