Stories of Muscogee

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Tracks by Herman Arthur Merritt – An exciting day in the lives of two boys who grew up in Muscogee.


Alfred by Herman Arthur Merritt – A story of two lives on the fringes of society.  This story will stay with you for a while.


The Two Way Trip by Herman Arthur Merritt – A humorous excursion circa 1922 from Muscogee to Atmore.


Fences by Herman Arthur Merritt – The events behind this story are a mystery.  How did a Swedish seaman come to be living with a saw mill worker and his family in early Muscogee?  There is still detective work being done on this story.  It may involve a crime over 120 years ago and a desperate flight south.


Misunderstanding by Herman Arthur Merritt – Not much history here but kind of humorous and short.


Camping by Herman Arthur Merritt – Here’s what folks in Muscogee did for vacation.  It’s mostly just fond memories of a camping trip made about 1919.


Hurricane by Herman Arthur Merritt – Here’s a first hand account of the 1916 hurricane that hit Pensacola and swept north up through Muscogee and Milton.  It’s the only account of this hurricane I’ve seen written from a Muscogee point of view.