Return to the Bluff


Itís been 45 years but I went down to the bay side of the National Live Oaks Reserve to see if the old yellow bluff where we used to go to party and look for Indian pottery was still intact.Here are a few shots we took while we were there on the 4th of July.




Jennie and Guy down on the beach at the foot of the bluff.There were still a few casualties of Ivan lying

across the beach and bleached silver by the sun and salt.




A woods lizard camouflaged against a piece of driftwood in the heat.




Lindaís kid, Guy, and me near the top of the bluff in the shade of some magnolias.




Jennie and me on the edge of the bluff about 40 feet above the beach.




Jennie and Guy sitting on a dwarf live oak just down from the top.

The bluff drops sharply away just behind them.


Wish I had taken more photos but we were on our way to the Fort Pickens area and, later, dinner at Hemingwayís and the fireworks on the beach.

Dang, itís been a long time between visits.