7:30 AM

June 12, 2010

Pensacola Pass


See the next trip on June 25th here.


Some Robledal residents go out to the pass to see what is going on as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill threatens the beach.  Here is what they found.



A view from the sea wall on the western end of Fort Pickens.

You can see a “skimmer” positioned in the harbor entrance in the background.




Looking west toward Fort McRee across the pass.




The beaches were clear.  Note the boom anchor on the beach ready to attach oil booms.




The skimmer.




Close up.




Booms in position in the bay and ready to go on the beach.




Wild life still OK.




We met several park rangers along the beach.  One was deployed here from North Dakota.

None reported any extensive tar balls so far.



More booms ready to go.




The oil will undoubtedly arrive sooner or later but it was refreshing to see the beach still in the clear.

The water was speckled with the Sargasso weed that comes in this time of year.

The weed was filled with the normal marine life one finds hitching a ride on it –

sea horses, small crabs and minnows seeking a place to hide.


So far, so good.


See the next trip on June 25th here.