The Gulf Coast Stitchery Guild originated with a group of ladies who were creating needlepoint kneeler cushions for St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Pensacola.  Working together was such a pleasant experience that they were inspired to start a needlework guild in 1972.  They formulated a plan and created the Gulf Coast Stitchery Guild.  Soon its members were meeting and teaching basic and advanced needlework techniques through various workshops.  The time was right for such a guild.  It prospered through the years with membership as high as 150 at one time.  With increased revenue, the guild was able to bring in four nationally known teachers each year, the first being Erica Wilson.


The members began exhibiting their work in annual shows at such places as St. Christopher’s Church, The Grand Hotel, and Casa de Cosas to name a few.   In the early years the guild had a standard leadership with officers and chairmen for various activities.  As is the case with many organizations, volunteers for leadership positions became scarce, so the structure changed to a Steering Committee to make decisions for the guild.  The Steering Committee is comprised of anyone who is interested and has a suggestion.  We have beaten the odds by being run by committee for 15+ years.


Today’s membership numbers over 65 and includes women from Mobile to Destin to Crestview.  While many members are accomplished stitchers in their own right, just as many are beginners and work at “learning the trade.”  We share our ideas and talents.  Our common thread is the love of all things stitched by a needle with an eye.


For information on becoming a member see our membership page.