Aerial Photos, Old Maps and Stuff

This page is devoted to giving a location to Muscogee, both in time and space,

and to providing a picture of what the area looks like today from the air.

Old Maps and Muscogee



This is the earliest map I have run across that gives a name to the Muscogee area. Here it is called Ship Timber and has a rail head and a circle to mark its location. The map legend gave the circle as being smaller than a city or town and listed it as a village, post office, etc. The size of the circle seems to indicate Ship Timber was about the population of Bluff Springs or Burnt Corn. This map is from 1863.




Neither Ship Timber nor Muscogee is named on this 1865 RR Map but the Junc & Perdido Line is shown going into that area. I have also found a RR link to the then unnamed Muscogee/Ship Timber area in an 1862 map not shown on this site. Note that Bay Minette was called Bayou Minette back then.




1882 is the first instance I have found the name Muscogee on a map.




This 1884 map also shows Muscogee as a named place.




Railroad map from 1888 showing Muscogee linked to Cantonment on the Pensacola & Louisville R.R. line.


Now on to the

Aerial Photographs.



0 mile


Note the Old Muscogee Cemetery. It is shown in more detail in the next photo. The old town of Muscogee lay on the east side of the Perdido River and south of the cemetery. North is up in all photos.






Here you can begin to make out the cleared east side and can see the perimeter road. For a closer view, a splendid set of three photos shot by Dr Paul B. Merritt in Oct 2003 on a low flyover are just below. Click on any photo to see the larger versions.