The Restoration Team


Shortcut to our current restoration efforts.


A number of people over the years have attempted to protect and restore the Old Muscogee Cemetery.Individual efforts, however, canít be very effective.Back in the 1990s a gate was erected at the cemetery entrance and kept locked to prevent vandals from entering the cemetery at night.The vandals simply pulled the gate down and continued their efforts.Plus the cemetery is too large for one or two people to keep cleared and picked up.To resolve these problems and to try to gather information about the people buried in the cemetery before it is lost to posterity, this web site was established in June of 2003.


Here are the people currently volunteering to put in periodic effort to keep the cemetery up and to try, where possible, to restore it to some of its past glory.If you would like to join the effort, drop me a line by clicking here.I will put your name on the list below and notify you of dates and times of meetings and restoration efforts.We will be working over the summer months to get organized and hope to begin in earnest in the fall when itís not so hot.


Current Volunteers


Gayle Palensky††††††††††† Cantonment

Jerry Merritt†††††††††††††††† Navarre††††††††††††††††† (850) 939-7752

Ron Parks††††††††††††††††††† Pensacola†††† ††††† (850) 453-8276

Connie & Bruce RovaGulf Breeze ††††† (850) 934-0139

Jerry Flannigan††††††††††† Pensacola†††† ††††† (850) 476-0902

Bill Cummins†††††††††††††† Pensacola†††† ††††† (850) 969-1897

Judy Jolley†††††††††††††††††† Pensacola

Curtis Reedy††††††††††††††† Pensacola


As we make headway in this effort, I will post updates and photos to show our progress.Likewise, as pictures and stories come in, I will post them to the other pages on this site.At the moment it is only a start.Whether this time will be a success depends on you and others who are willing to chip in with time and effort on a periodic basis.


To begin your tour of our restoration efforts so far, click on the little girl from Muscogee below.And if you know who she is, let me know too.



Unknown Muscogee resident circa 1890.