Current Restoration Efforts

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25 Oct 2003

8 Nov 2003

22 Nov 2003


As of early July 2003 we have placed this web site on the Internet and have begun enlisting volunteers to help with a fall cleanup and survey of the cemetery to see what needs to be done in the fall and winter months.  The photo above is typical of the state of affairs in the cemetery now.



This photo shows the extreme state of disrepair and vandalism in many areas of the cemetery.  Our first efforts will probably be to reconstruct information from stone fragments to see what other names have been missed in earlier surveys.  We will also begin a plot of all visible graves and, where possible, identify a name with each plot.


There is also an urgent need to coordinate with local law enforcement to see if a curfew can be set for the cemetery along with periodic patrols to enforce the curfew to prevent further vandalism of the few remaining undamaged stones.


But most of all, we need more volunteers with varying skills, talents and connections to get everything done that needs to be done to preserve this historic cemetery.