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Pictures are perhaps the most evocative of records.  For that reason they are listed first.  These pictures were recovered from cardboard storage boxes, well-cared-for albums and dusty desk drawers from all over the South.  More come in as people discover there is an effort underway to preserve a part of Old Muscogeeís history.  To view the old photos, click on the link below.


Others would argue that stories, well told, exceed photographs in conveying a feeling of being some place in space and time.  You can judge for yourself by clicking on the link below.



Here is your link to the families that made up Muscogee.  If you have a family or two from Muscogee, send in your stories and photos.


Here is where you will find Muscogee history not related to a particular family.  You can get a good background on the old town from these sources.



This is where you can find extracts of old maps showing Muscogee even before it was Muscogee.There are also aerial photos of the Muscogee area and cemetery.

Maps & Aerials


Then we have the old records from the 1885 State Census and 1900 Federal Census.  These links have every family and individual who lived and worked in Muscogee in 1885 and 1900.

1885 Muscogee Census

1900 Muscogee Census

No history of Muscogee would be complete without including the Southern States Lumber Company.  The lumber company was Muscogeeís raison d'Ítre.  Here you will find additional pictures along with a history of the lumber company.

Southern States Lumber Company

And finally, thereís the Old Muscogee Cemetery.  Itís all thatís left.  Here I have included a list of known graves and a history of those buried there where such a history is available.

Old Muscogee Cemetery